【Photo Shared by Sean P.】4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Raptor Lights

4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Raptor Lights

"Install is easy if all your doing is wiring it up to the running lights. If you're running it on a switch like I did, make sure you wire in a relay. Quality of lights are decent, all of mine worked right out of the box. Test them on your battery before installing them. The top portion of the grill was decent quality, the molding wasn't perfect and I had to drill holes for some of the engine bay cover clips. The fit was good and looks pretty close to factory. The TRD grill overlay quality is good make sure to take your time getting the letters lined up because once they're on, they're on. The overlay does come with some sub par tape. I initially installed it with the tape after cleaning and heating for maximum adhesion, it didn't stick very well. I went and bought some gorilla double sided tape, it's on there pretty good now. The bottom of the overlay doesn't seem to line up flush against the bumper, but with a little finesse it'll get there. Make sure to apply tape on the edges of the overlay as well to help with contact. Overall I would say the product is acceptable for the price. I really like the look of it and I've already received a lot of compliments."
-Sean P.-