【Photo Shared by Russell P.】3rd Gen Tacoma Trd Pro Grill

3rd Gen Tacoma Trd Pro Grill

"Installation: easy. There aren’t any instructions included, but just watch a YouTube video as you go and you’ll be fine. The letters screw into the grille, which caught me off guard. After installing the grill (with TSS sensor) I went on a 60 mile highway drive. A warning came on, which said they Ensor was dirty and it needed to be cleaned. Once that happened I couldn’t use cruise control anymore.

Once I got to my destination I turned my truck off, did what I had to do and went home. The warning light didn’t show anymore and hasn’t turned back on since. If it comes back on, one YouTube says to screw (thin) washers into the top screws holding the TSS sensor. I’ll try that if it happens again. Other than that, the grille and Raptor lights look great."

-Russell P.-