【Photo Shared by Nathan B. 】4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Raptor Lights

4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Raptor Lights

"Install went smoothly and as expected. The smoked amber LEDs are bright when on and mostly disappear when off. Red letters seem decent. The parts were a 9/10 for quality and fitment. Which is incredible for the price. I expected lots of issue and custom work on my end. Only issues were some of the screw and snap holes had residual plastic from the mold process still in them. But I just used a screwdriver to open them up. Also the wire running to the power could use another 6-8 inches but it got the job done. I would buy this again given another chance. I do wish there was the option for a smooth cover that didn't have letter dimples in it. I'd prefer it to not even say Toyota at all."
-Nathan B.-