【Photo Shared by Lawrence C.】4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Amber Raptor Lights

4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Amber Raptor Lights

"Great product and even better customer service. One of the lights that I ordered was defective and it was replaced immediately. My package didn’t have instructions but I found a video on YouTube that covered the install. It was very easy. The only issue I had was with the top center portion of the solid black piece. There was a noticeable dip because there is no support provided to level the gap that the original Toyota “T” symbol leaves upon removal. I had to rig my own. The only other concern I have relates to the quality of the adhesive foam tape that is provided to secure each letter. It doesn’t seem extremely durable based on my initial impression but only time will tell if it holds up. Overall it’s a great looking product and I’m happy with my purchase. I would definitely recommend purchasing this from MC Auto Parts."
-Lawrence C.-