【Photo Shared by Kevin L】3rd Tacoma TRD PRO Grill with TSS Garnish Cover

3rd Tacoma TRD PRO Grill with TSS Garnish Cover

"Arrived in good shape and timely. No instructions included but since I've installed one before it's fairly easy. There are plenty of videos out there too. I bought the grille, garnish and lights for a price that was way cheaper than everyone out there. Installing the grille was very easy. The installation of the garnish sensor was a bit difficult. They include two star washers and I used a 10mm socket wrench to apply pressure to get those in tight. Got a 4pc amber light with the set and a few things I had to get: ground ring, male end for the red cable to attach to the fuse and also had to do some shaving/trimming of the lights to get it to fit the way I wanted it to fit on the grille. Other than a little work, for the price I couldn't say no. Everything felt fine too and the end result was just as good as the other vendors out there. I would recommend this to everyone."

-Kevin L-