【Photo Shared by Ken M.】3nd GEN Tacoma TRD PRO Grill and Garnish Cover

3nd GEN Tacoma TRD PRO Grill and Garnish Cover

"The grill was easy enough to pop out and replace (I have zero experience). Just watched and followed along with a YouTube video. The grill is nice and had no issues with the TSS sensor. However, the first “O” (in the inferno red, at least) in the Toyota letters popped right out when I slammed my hood after I was finished. I have little doubt it’ll pop out at the next pothole or speed bump while driving along, leaving me with my “T_yota”. I accidentally bought TWO of the same kind of letter too (I wanted to decide between inferno red and regular red but got inferno twice by accident). I thought maybe it was just a bad batch so I tried the other O from the other set. BOTH fall right out. I’ll try super glue or something to keep it in there. Unfortunate flaw in an otherwise excellent product. *I have an army green 2021 Toyota Tacoma SR5"
-Ken M.-