【Photo Shared by Kelli G.】4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Tri-Color Emblem Badges

4Runner TRD PRO Grill with Tri-Color Emblem Badges

"So cool! We actually installed it on my 2020 TRD-off road despite it being for a 2019. All we had to do was cut the clip at the top where the hood latch is and drill a new hole. My order accidentally came without the letters, but customer service was great and I had them delivered 2 days later for free! The raptor lights are very bright and look amazing at night. It didn’t come with instructions at all, so trying to figure out what fuse it goes to was a bit of a challenge, but we figured it out from someone on a 4runner forum who did the same thing with their 2021 OR. 10/10 would recommend, the price was perfect for just the upper half of the grille!"
-Kelli G.-